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Alexander Junior High School

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Listed below are our teachers and
the subjects they teach at AJH.

General Music and SOS Choir
      Cynthia Edwards
     Gail Freeman
Physical Education
      Coach Tonya Johns
      Coach Jesse Terrell
     Lola Vaughn
     7th - Robin Furr
     8th - Lynn Campbell
      Ronnye Hart
       Misty Embry
Skills Enhancement
        Fred Clark


7th English-           
     Elissa Barnes
     Ronnye Hart
8th English              
     Tiffani Futch
     Bertha Williams
Reading/Language Arts
      Misty Embry
8th Grade Math & Pre-Algebra            
     Pam Kirk
     Heather Neese
Algebra I
      Emelda Bryant
7th Grade Math
       Gary Merchant
7th Social Studies          
       Russ Britt
       Kristy Smith
8th Social Studies          
     Wallace Lilly
     Tracy Everett
7th Science                     
      Latronda Gayten
      Zelphia Taylor
8th Science                     
     Pam Davis
     Morraine Furr
Career Discovery
     Sally Daughdrill
     Michelle Ratcliff
Computer Discovery
     Elaine Bell
     Claretta Jenkins
Special Services
      Pam Whitaker
      Misty Wall
Life Skills/Career Prep.
       Pat Donald